Thursday, January 12, 2012

A detached single storey house Phongsathorn. Single storey house prices.

Designed to meet the needs of homeowners who have a limited budget but would have to independence after a private home can be a family because my brother, but also on a budget can be one of the house. option for you as well as designed for people who are living long enough to construct a budget with only the amount of money that can keep the cost of collecting money to build a new life.

A detached single storey house Phongsathorn 2 bedrooms / 1 bathroom / 1 kitchen / 1 room with washing and terrace houses.

To a single storey house is small, but if a landlord Phongsathorn painted to look good, you can impress people with a small budget. The team was very well designed to be viewed as a sample of the color of the house with the idea that the concept of the Two Tone paint to create beautiful home as well. And the idea of ​​painting a house is a home maintenance and a small budget is to paint the house different from the bottom to the top and darker color. However, water or soil erosion can be easily attached to the floor. Time to fix a new color is as simple and as little space there is a spot to paint the house to save another one of this concept.
The door of the house, single house Phongsathorn.

The main door is a wooden door on a house two doors open so that it can bring into the house, furniture or home decor with ease. Feng Shui is to get something good. Into the house as well. The bedroom doors, HDF doors are used as a cost-saving quite a lot because it was the door, wooden doors and shutters in 2000-3000, but since I do not want a durable and weather. too We chose to use a door that can save homeowners money in your pocket for you. The bathroom door was used as the PVC, which can help reduce construction costs as well. We will focus on the back door, the door must withstand sun, rain resistant. Therefore, in this section is unavoidable to use real wood doors. Or hardwood it. I need to provide beautiful. A detached single storey house Phongsathorn. This is a pattern that has a door. To increase chi. At home, and residents from contiguous with it.
Panes of a single storey detached house Phongsathorn.

Panel for the house, we focus on the durability as it does not open the windows and doors for added strength to the window and glass, which the panel was able to make home ownership a glass window with a thickness up to 3 mm glass Lokฟak because less space in each section. The standard of the glass should be 5 mm or more but not much different if you actually choose a safe and healthy. The concept of using a simple pane of this nature is that we focus on. Find a store building materials. No need to do. As soon as you order the price of the home will be higher than normal. We designed it to be better than the market. Add to cart to wheel it into a shopping mall. It will cost to build your house down very well (do not believe it attacks).
The roof of a detached single storey house Phongsathorn.

In this design, the C-Pac Monier Roof tiles, but if you save the cost of construction, then I can change the color and tile roofing. The budget you intend to build this house. The wavy roof coupled with the cost of a roof tile that is less than C-Pac is very much due to the structure of the steel roof is less than Tile price is cheaper. Larger than the size of the tile. The lower wages in the roof again. That can be reduced from up to one third of the roof tiles, C-Pac ever.

Land needs to be placed behind a detached single storey house Phongsathorn it.

If measured from the center of the pole, then a house, this will be the width of the house, 6.50 m and depth is 12.00 meters, so the house to the land to build houses on the width of the land is 10.50 meters and a depth of 15.00. meters, but if necessary it can be squeezed into the soil. But conditions are changing so you get a permission (this is a small minority in the process of what you do not need to worry a lot) can be built on land wide and 8.50 meters deep, 13. . oo m, but it is not valid under the law, building as much. But it can be done if you have very limited land. The land is too narrow.

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